If your car’s interior lights won’t turn on when you open the door, there are a few simple things to check first. A lightbulb might be out, or the fuse could have blown if you recently tried an electrical upgrade. More often than not though, it’s just a matter of forgetting to flip a switch in the cabin: – Check the manual to find out where the fuse box is for your car. – Look for a light switch on or near it, and then flip it up. If this doesn’t work, try flipping all of them off and back one by one until you get some lights. You can also use a flashlight in case any seem loose on their mountings.  The problem could be more widespread than just interior lights – if nothing else works, take an engine check before driving long distances without being able to see anything at night: oil level, timing belt tensioning system (if necessary), cooling systems etcetera should be checked as well as possible headlight faults when starting the car with no headlights illumination; these are


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