The most successful marketers have always known the secret to success: token marketing. But every time someone tries to sell it, they’re met with an endless line of denial from people who say that they just don’t understand what they’re talking about. Well, those days are over! In this article, I’m going to reveal the plain truth about how tokens work and how you can use them in your business. Click here for more.

Token marketing is one of the hottest new trends on social media and among digital marketers these days.

1. What Is A Token?

A token is a digital representation of an asset like real estate, stocks, or securities. It can also represent something like a coupon or membership that is redeemable for future goods or services.

2. What Is The Purpose Of Tokens?

The purpose of tokens is to help people save money and get more for what they pay for in the future. Simply put, you pay less now but get more if you are willing to wait.

Since tokens are digital offers that represent future discounting, they allow people to save money when they can’t afford it now and defer payment until a later date when it’s more convenient for them.

3. Why Are Tokens So Popular?

Unlike other types of digital offers, tokens aren’t contingent on payment. Instead, they are a way to reward people for doing what you want them to do. And since they offer a discount in the future, they encourage people to value the things you have today more highly and make better choices on manual link building.

4. How Do You Get Tokens?

You get tokens by issuing a tokenized offer through your own ICO (initial coin offering).

5. How Do I Get People To Care About The Token?

Create something worth using or buying at a discount and make it available for immediate or limited availability. Then tell them why it’s worth having or using (i.e. “This limited edition is only available for the next 48 hours. You can get it for 25% off here:”).

6. Is Tokenization Really A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Tokens work by making something of value available at a discount to people who now want it more than ever because its availability is limited or time-sensitive at a discount to its future market value when everyone else will also want it and will want to pay full price for it.

7. Can I Use Tokens For Anything?

Tokens are being used in marketing for just about everything these days. For example, tokenization has been used to create a new kind of stock (like Bitcoin or Ripple), a new kind of coupon (like Groupon), a new kind of membership (like Spotify) and an entire digital currency. 

8. How Do I Use Tokens In My Business?

To start, you can simply decide to give away something that is worth money or has value because you can get tokens in exchange for doing so. For example, if you have something like a membership program where your customers get benefits for being members and then save the benefits for future use, you could create a token that represents your membership and make it available for purchase online.

9. How Does This Help My Business or Social Media Marketing?

Since tokens are digital offers that represent future discounting, they allow people to save money when they can’t afford it now and defer payment until a later date when it’s more convenient for them.

10. Why Should I Use Tokens Instead Of Other Discounting Techniques?

You are able to offer what others can’t easily give or get because you have something everyone wants and needs right now, like a membership or coupon, but also something important that doesn’t exist anywhere else and is worth more than it costs them today.

11. What Other Types Of Digital Offers Are Tokens Related To?

You can use tokens for any digital business that has a future value and you need to offer it at a discount or you will make no money on it (i.e. products bought for resale, your own memberships, etc.). 

12. Why Is Token Marketing So Popular Now?

Because marketers have finally realized that tokens for crypto igaming are the ultimate discounting tool and have known all along that they are the key to successful marketing campaigns.

13. Are Tokens Really The Answer To Marketing?

They are the answer to token marketing. But, to be successful in the future, you need to know how they work.

14. Is There Any Risk Involved In Using Tokens?

There is no risk of loss when using tokens because they are always worth a fixed amount of money at some point in the future. They will never not be worth anything regardless of anything that happens in your business or organization and they can’t be counterfeited or hacked. 

15. Are Tokens Available To Everyone For Use?

Not everyone has access to tokens yet but if you want one, you can get it by launching an ICO and creating something people will want now and will want more of later on.


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