Open house postcards effectively get people’s attention in the real estate business. The trick is knowing which ones will be the most effective for you to take advantage of. The goal will be to drive more potential buyers to you and what you can do. If you’re an agent that can get on the ball and gain access to open houses before others, that speaks volumes about your professionalism and why they should trust you. Consider these options when you want to utilize the best for open house postcards.

Bold But Spacious 

The first option that people use the most often for open house postcards is the bold but spacious option. The house will take the main focus (ensure that you have proper lighting). There will be two additional panels next to the main picture that shows other areas inside the house. Your image will appear underneath the main panel with your information, while the date and price of the home will be in bold letters under the two smaller panels. It lets your potential client see everything they need to without it being too overwhelming or in your face.

The QR Code

People love using QR codes. They are quick and easy, and it’s a great way to ingratiate the digital times we live in. The code will, of course, take up a large portion of the card, but it will appear next to the house with information appearing on both the top and bottom of the card. Your name will also be significant so they can see you and feel who you are. 

Open House Postcards For Remote Buying 

Remote buying is a little different, and you’ll see that this type of card has more information that appears, and the house picture, while still being significant, is a little smaller than other options. That is so your potential clients can understand what is to be expected and make things easier for them.

Elegant Homes Take Focus 

With open house postcards, if you have an elegant home, you’ll find that this will be the card’s focal point. The picture of the home will be bigger and bolder to ensure that you’re focusing on that instead of other areas. However, vital information will still appear on the card. The point of making the home the more significant part of the picture is to gain attention from potential clients quickly and establish yourself as an expert. 

Having The Best Available

With the proper templates and customization options, your open house postcards will be bolder and capture the attention that you need to gain potential clients. The best part is that this is a way to appeal to multiple people. Using any of the template options we’ve listed above will allow you to have the proper connection without being too brash. Instead, you have a card that looks clean and clear. Your next step will be to have a successful open house and gain new clients.


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